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Beavers Counseling

School Counseling Services:

Classroom guidance for all grade levels: Lesson examples include; career exploration, goal setting, problem solving, friendship skills, conflict resolution, anti-anxiety, resiliency skills. 

Small Group Guidance for social skills: examples; friendship, anger management, academic support

Individual Guidance- based on individual student needs, students can self refer, or be seen through parent and teacher referrals. 

Parent Support- Much of my job centers around helping parents, help their students. Many parents need reassurance that what their child is going through is typical for their child's age and development. Other parents have questions they don't want to bother their student's teacher about or questions that are relative to transition such as 2nd grade to 3rd grade or 5th grade to 6th grade. Mrs. Dean is always here to help, from the tiny questions to the big questions. Please don't hesitate to ask. Please email me ( or send me a message on Class Dojo. 

Helpful Links:

Child development and positive parenting tips-

Mental Health-

Online Activities for Children:

Social Emotional lessons

Career Exploration